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Nepal Tour

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and the Kathmandu Valley is the political and cultural heart of the Kingdom. The urban sprawl that makes up modern Kathmandu is in fact two cities, Patan and Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel.

Jageshwar Temples

Jageshwar Temples, also referred to as Jageswar Temples or Jageshwar valley temples, are a group of over 100 Hindu temples dated between 7th and 12th century near  Almora , in the Himalayan Indian state of  Uttarakhand .

Mystic Mountain

Formulated for Promotion of Destination Tourism in Himalayan Region, Exploration of opportunities for Circuit tourism in Himalayan Region & Development of Tourism infrastructure in less frequented tourism potential destinations of Uttarakhand & other Himalayan region.

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Adventure: Activity and Safety

In the last few years, the trend of youth towards tourism, adventure sports and adventure activity has increased very rapidly. Good thing, it has many advantages. There will be any adventure activity, they certainly will take a test of your physical and mental health in many ways. It also gives an opportunity to know about your body better than how deep you are in water. Knowing some people will create an excuse and sit quietly, some will try to improve their faults by removing the faults.


Whoosh….whoosh! The sound of the water made this adventure even more adventurous. As I sat on the raft, feeling nervous, beads of perspiration ran down my forehead making me scared shitless. My friends and i started this journey with a lot of hope-filled in. Our freakish yet entertaining guide gave us the basic instructions that were to be followed while paddling up the raft. Initially, it seemed to be boring with absolutely placid water on which were cheering our paddles. The crisp air was rich with winter jasmine and cold and grew even colder. Then suddenly a rapid wave came and our raft hovered over water and we all shouted enthusiastically on top our voices.


Tons valley, Garhwal Uttaranchal is located at an idyllic 3600 feet above sea level. It is rich in a variety of western Himalayan flora and fauna. It is densely forested with Deodar, Pine, Alpine Oak, Birch, Chestnut, Rhododendron and Jamun. The summer camp at Lunagad, Western Uttaranchal, 410 kms from Delhi offers a special holiday experience from 4 days to a week or two from May till July each year. The Pandavas, and their rivals, the Kauravas, figure especially in the anthropology of the Tons valley, where the villagers claim to have descended from the two clans. Their social customs are unlike the rest of conservative Garhwal.

Har Ki Dun Trek

First-time trekkers and those 10 years of age and older will find this to be a perfectly suitable trek. Located in low lying terrain, the trek goes through forested greenery in a hanging valley and still provides the thrill of Himalayan trekking. The Har Ki Doon trek is most often enjoyed in the post-monsoon season and summer. This is when the trail is most often filled with the beautiful blossoms of rhododendrons and orchids. There are no severe altitude changes with which to contend, so no adaptation is needed. All along the hike, which averages about five hours a day, simple facilities, including places to eat, are provided by the localities. The biggest challenge on the six-day trek is rain. Trekkers gear essentials must include waterproof covers, water-resistant boots, and ponchos, as well as anti-diarrhea medication. Rain can be almost constant, from time to time, and while it is beautiful, it has its perils.

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Siddharth It was very good trip! I came to see the beauty of the world around me. I would have loved to have stayed longer. I love the hospitality. The most scintillating part was trekking where they provided us with lifesaving equipment’s.
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Satyam Joshi My experience with the trek is just above the sky. I enjoyed a lot. Especially it’s a beginner’s trek. We need to have basic fitness level to go for the trek. A lot of places claim to be the “Switzerland of India”. However, having travelled quite a bit across other northern parts, I can vouch that Chopta is the place that looks closest to my heart. Covered with manicured meadows sprawling in the lap on snow clad peaks
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Tarun Joshi I went to Nagtibba in September 2016 .it was started from pantwari Village. It was my beautiful experience with come2himalaya. The localities are very friendly. Nagtibba is mesmerising, I captured the best moment in my camera to see and remind those memories in future

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